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C-Stores – Keep the Core; Appeal to More

C-Stores – Keep the Core; Appeal to More


The convenience store channel is experiencing above average growth, supported by an increasing store count and a business model that is well suited to address consumersa�� on the go lifestyles.

Gasoline is a top selling product for the convenience channel, providing both opportunities and challenges for convenience store marketers in store sales activity.

Cigarettes, too, contribute heavily to convenience store revenues; this segment is under significant pressures from regulation and changing consumer lifestyles, harkening a need for change in existing strategies in this and related CPG categories.

The food-service segment is experiencing strong growth within the convenience store arena, and has the potential to act as a catalyst in elevating the channela��s reputation around health and wellness as well as value while allowing consumers to fuel up without slowing down.

Convenience store population has been on an upward trajectory for a number of years, with the exception of a dip in 2010,
when the impacts of a recessionary economy resulted in a fair number of store closings and some consolidation.

Today, there are more than 149,000 convenience stores in operation. About two-thirds (63%) of those stores are independently owned, while the remaining are chain store operations. Gasoline fill-up services are quite prevalent, and growing more so rather quickly. The following report provide insights into key shopper segments, trends and within the convenience store marketplace. read more

Get full Report: https://foodinstitute.com/images/media/iri/TTMay2013.pdf

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