Burn B Gone® for Burns, Scars & Wounds is so powerful it it used by the U.S. Military and V.A. Hospitals. Burn B Gone® is also used by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centers, Laser Skin Resurfacing and Hair Removal Clinics, Hospitals, Dermatologists and Podiatrists. This Advanced Hydrophilic Gel Formula helps to soothe and revitalizes Traumatized skin and dramatically improves scars like no other product in the World!

Application of Burn B Gone® helps break down existing Hypertrophic & Keloid scar tissue and provides an ideal healing environment for skin recovery. It provides a protective barrier over injured skin to promote faster healing and helps to prevent new scars from forming. Burn B Gone® helps to significantly reduce burning, hyperpigmentation, swelling, inflammation, bruising and itching for all skin types.

Burn B Gone® Works great for post radiation therapy to relieve the pain, itching, burning and redness often associated with typical radiation treatment. (Works Better than high dose pain relievers with no side effects).

Even severe sunburns can be healed instantaneously with only a couple of applications of Burn B Gone®. Burn B Gone® does NOT contain Lidocaine, a topical anasthetic and antiarrhythmic drug most other sunburn and wound products contain which primarily target pain relief instead of actual healing and can desensitize skin tissue with over use. Lidocaine is also is not recommended for use on large parts of the body for risk of cardiovascular effects.

Burn B Gone® Works Great on SUNBURNS! Makes the Awful pain, peeling and itching of a sunburn, B Gone! (Unlike other products that contain Lidocaine, Burn B Gone® is safe for Full-Body and Face use). Burn B Gone® saves you from the pain and discomfort often associated with sunburns, kitchen burns and scalds as well as dramatically improving skin texture, elasticity and color for face and body use. Burn B Gone® helps to blend dark or light skin discoloration and abnormalities with continued use.

Chefs or anyone preparing food can use Burn B Gone® safely without risk of cross-contamination of food because it does Not contain Lidocaine. Lidocaine is not recommended for use with food preparation.

Works great when applied immediately following Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Acid & TCA Peels, Botox, Collagen, Restylane, Lip, Nasal-Labial Fold and Derma-Filler injections and most Laser Skin procedures including Laser Hair Removal, as directed by physician. (Works best refrigerated for these procedures).

Burn B Gone® also helps your skin to appear more youthful and radiant, with continued use. Apply to the face and neck 2 times per day morning and night after washing the areas with mild soap, let dry before applying make-up. You should notice your skin improvement within the first several days of use.

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