Bull Run Beef – Beef Jerky with heritage of heroes trading cards


Bull Run Beef sells the best quality beef and bacon jerky, with recipes developed over twenty years.

Based in the heart of America, this family run business was founded and is currently run by armed forces veteran Paul Andelin. Bull Run Beef jerky contains no preservatives and no MSG, and it is always made with the best ingredients. All Bull Run Beef products have a 12-month shelf life.

Bull Run Beef is not just a family run business that seeks to sell the world’s best jerky, we also desire to stand for something lasting.  We observe a world of competing priorities and decreasing personal values. We believe that virtue is the true measure of strength in any society. The world needs more heroes. It needs to remember those shining examples who have gone before as much as it needs to be reminded that they walk among us today, and we need to help prepare tomorrow’s heroes. Each Bull Run Beef bag features a collectible card featuring a picture and brief story of heroes who exemplify universal values such as courage, honesty, and humility. Celebrate heroes of the past and present, and inspire heroes of the future with Heritage of Heroes collectible cards!

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Richard Forsyth
Bull Run Beef, LLC
3625 Farm Road 2000
Pierce City, Missouri 65723
Phone 417-489-5200
Website http://www.bullrunbeef.net
Email [email protected]