Convenience Store Distributors

How to Boost C-Store Sales

People are in and out of a c-store location in a rush. It is not an industry where you have a vast amount of time in which you can attempt to upsell your product. Instead, you have to turn to new and innovative ways with which you can sell your products.  Following is a small list of some of the choices you have pertaining to just that;

1.Customer Loyalty

To help improve the general state and influx of your storefront, it is always optimal to promote a strong message of customer loyalty. By providing services that would encourage a customer to regularly come to your location, then you create a steady income that doesn’t rely simply on impulse purchasing. Whether it be customer loyalty cards or keeping requested items in stock, this is always something to assume


A happy employee leads to a happy store. If you consistently reinforce positive actions and provide incentives for a stronger work ethic, you will have a better staff. When developing a store in any sector of the service industry it is integral that you keep the environment of the store happy and welcoming. If you have 1 staff member that may not be happy with his/her position, they could completely ruin that.


Always be on your feet and embrace change. The more you add variety to your store and make it unique, the livelier and successful your location seems. Just be sure to not inconvenience your customers along the way.

It would be easy to go about this by talking to your employees and customers about new products or foodservice devices they would like in their shop. However, if the store owner is already set up with a competent distributor you could approach them and hopefully use their existing marketing aid to help you establish new and playful ways to bring in even more customers and keep your old ones happy.

4.Networking/Market Trends

If you are involved in any sort of business, you have to be sure to stay on top of what the current trends are. As new products become popular, you want to make sure you have that in store. It could be the latest card game fad from the elementary school down the street for all that it matters to the c-store owner. Just be sure to keep your store up to date and modern. There’s nothing worse than someone walking into your store and they can’t find the new hot item their looking for.

5.Store Layout

Commonly looked over as an insignificant issue within your c-store, the store layout is integral to the customers shopping experience. Be aware of where things are positioned in your store, have the sections that complement each other close together. For Example, if someone buys charcoal, you would want to have a fridge full of hot dogs near it in some way. You can do this on your however, most distributors offer marketing aid that could help you design the optimal layout for your store according to statistics and proven methods that they have employed for years.