A Movement is on the rise! BeeSafe Condoms® is a new company determined to bring change to the world through protecting our youth and creating awareness across the globe. With your help and support, our message will be heard.

BeeSafe strives to provide knowledge and protection for the people, especially today’s youth. Our BeeSafe line of condoms is a product, but also represents a mentality of awareness. Through our products and outreach, BeeSafe Condoms® is dedicated toward educating the youth and lowering the statistics of STDs and HIV. The risk of STDs and HIV is not likely to disappear, and our company believes in proactive choices. With self-awareness and outreach programs, BeeSafe is ready to protect here and now for generations to come.

This Movement for change has been an ongoing fight, and we are ready to join in through collaborative efforts. Through partnerships, BeeSafe Condoms® will help make the message heard and give people the opportunity to protect themselves and others. BeeSafe believes in the power of community and hopes to continue to work with and learn from surrounding corporations ready to protect the youth. We hope that you will consider joining the BeeSafe Movement.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Don Green

Email: [email protected]

Visit: http://www.beesafecondoms.com

Call: 951-315-6134