Distribute Blackcurrant 3L Bag-In-Box Concentrate Juice

Blackcurrant 3L Bag-In-Box Concentrate Juice

A pack of Dein Saft Concentrate Blackcurrant juice in Bag-in-Box packaging yields 15 liters of Blackcurrant flavor juice when mixed with water or sparkling water.

Fruit content: 100% Ingredients: 20% blackcurrant juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate 80% Our DEIN Saft 3L Black Currant Juice is mixed with more apple juice due to the fact that a 100% black currant would not possible to produce and would have an intensity in flavor, that would not taste good for the consumer.

Due to BAG-IN-BOX Packaging and aseptic filling in a sterile bag, the 100% Organic Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate has a long lasting shelf life of 12 months when closed.

When opened, it can last up to 3 months without spoiling!

YOUR Blackcurrant juice is processed and packed in Germany. YOUR Blackcurrant juice is made exclusively using mature, harvest fresh apples and the best, hand-picked black currants.


• A stable carton supports the valuable contents during transport, storage and use.
• The heart of our box is a sterile, specially coated inner bag with a capacity of 3 liters and a specially designed cap with tap.
• The innovative Bag-In-Box system is the ideal packaging for fruit juices. Why?


• Without preservatives.
• No artificial flavoring and coloring agents.
• Without added sugars.
• Consumer convenience – easy to carry, easy to store and ready to use
• NO Crate Dragging, lightweight and convenient for long distance transport.
• Vacuum packed in a flexible, high oxygen barrier bag and protected from light in a cardboard box.
• Bag-in-box packaging provides a convenient, secure and reliable format for retail.
• Bag-in-box system has a 60% lower carbon footprint in waste production than traditional glass bottles.
• Bag-in-box system has 85% less land waste production than traditional glass bottles.
• Environmentally Friendly.
• User-friendly, being easy to open and to serve without any risk of spills or splashes.
• The corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable.
• Space Saving, no huge store necessary anymore.
• 100% pure fruit juice concentrate.
• More robust than conventional methods of Concentrate and Non Concentrate Juices.
• Bag-in-Box provides an alternative to rigid bottles that usually cost 40% more and are also more subject to contamination.
• The tap and spout has an automatic closing system which restricts all air preventing contamination.

We deliver YOUR juice in an environmentally friendly and practical 3 liter packaging.

We recommend a ratio of: 1 part Blackcurrant juice and 4 parts water.

It is YOUR juice, make something of it!

Nutritional value per 100 ml ready-mixed Blackcurrant Juice
(According to the recommended mixing ratio):
• Protein: 0.1 g
• Carbohydrates: 10.4 g
• which fruit sugar: 10 g
• Fat: • of which saturates: • Roughage: 0.3 g
• Sodium: • Vitamin C: 16.0 mg (20.0%) *
• kcal / kJ: 45/191 per 100 ml
• Bread Units: 1 BE = 115 ml
* = Percentage of the recommended daily amount (RDA)


The product assortment of DEIN Saft Premium 3L Bag-in-Box Organic Concentrate Fruit Juices consist of: Apple, Orange, Cherry, Black Currant, Multi-fruit, Aronia Berry juice

We offer Aronia Juice as 3L-5L-10L Bag-in-Box Concentrate Fruit juice.
We also offer Aronia Juice as 70% Brix Ready Made Juice in 3L-5L-10L Bag-in-Box.

3 liters of Aronia Concentrate Fruit Juice yields 15 liters of 100% Juice when mixed with Water or sparkling Water. (Mix Ratio is 1:4)

5 liters of Aronia Concentrate Fruit Juice yields 25 liters of 100% Juice when mixed with Water or sparkling Water. (Mix Ratio is 1:4)

10 liters of Aronia Concentrate Fruit Juice yields 50 liters of 100% Juice when mixed with Water or sparkling Water. (Mix Ratio is 1:4)

SUGGESTED RETAIL:  For 15 Liters total of Black Currant juice, the consumer pays only $2 per liter.  Call for wholesale pricing.

In-Store Display in a Germany Supermarket

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