Big7 Energy Shots…



Try Big7 Extended Energy, when a few hours is not enough.

Big7 estimated energy span is 8 to 10 hours. That’s all day long. It has no rush, no drag, no drop, No sugar, no Calories,A�taste good with no bad after taste.

Will help increase concentration with MaximumA�stamina.

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The difference between Big7 and other energy shots..

The Big7 Difference…

Confused? Dissatisfied?

Let Big 7 Extended Energy solve your confusion and dissatisfaction!

Big 7 Extended Energy is a product designed and formulated for the longest duration of
energy supplements available to date.

Ita��s formulation is estimated to provide 8 to 10 hours of smooth Energy
The benefits to your customers are going to give them the ability to reach their daily
goals with the Stamina and Energy they need!

It meets their expectations with no side effects that plague many other Energy Drinks.

They will have an Energetic day and ease back to their normal energy levels at the end of
their energized experience.

Big 7 Extended Energy is produced and filled in State of the Art Facilities Fully
Approved by the FDA under GMP guidelines.

Your customera��s safety and satisfaction is paramount!

Our Company is fully aware that your store shelf “real estate” must generate MAXIMUM
We understand you the retailer depend on repeat customer VISITS and PURCHASES to maintain

With all the consumer benefits of Big 7 Extended Energy your consumer base and bottom
line will increase as will repeat store visits.

We are currently launching a National Advertising Campaign as well as Viral Internet
marketing that will Drive Consumers to your stores.

So what are you waiting for? Give us 10 SQ Inches of Shelf Space and Start Making
Handsome Profits and New customers you’ll see EVERYDAY!


Leta��s face it, in today’s world everyone can use a little “pick-me up” from time to time.
Why resort to multiple mugs of coffee or some other brand of energy shot that taste bad
and will give you a rush, also leave you with a headache or bad attitude at the end of
your day.

Big7 Extended Energy Contains the same amount of caffeine as your average premium blend
of coffee, without any rush or jitters. Average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee a day.
One 2.oz Big 7 Extended Energy shot will do the job, so you can do yours.

NO DRAG after a big lunch

8-10 hours of no rush energy

All day strong, all day strong

Big7 Extended Energy has been uniquely tapered to give consistent, smooth, and continuous
energy thru out the entire day. Actual Big7 Extended Energy users have reported an
average of 8-10 hours of energy!

What can I honestly expect, how long will my energy drink last?

Testimonies from real users report a range of 8-10 hours. Individuals with higher
tolerance levels have consistently reported an 8 hour span of energy, with no rush. Big 7
Extended Energy has been precisely tapered to deliver a smooth energy experience & gentle
wind down nearing the end of your long 8-10 hour day.

No rush, What EXACTLY does that mean? How is this drink any different?

Most high potent energy drinks have the tendency to give a rush, a slight jitter like
feeling. When you feel a little on edge like you’ve had one too many cups of your
favorite coffee? Thata��s the rush. Users have consistently reported no rush, jitters,
shakes, etc. Our results come from actual users! Not paid actors or testers.

No Drag, What EXACTLY does that mean?

No Drag means, you won’t have that sleepy tired dragging feeling after eating a meal,
you’ll have the energy to power through that cycle with Peak Performance.
No Drop, What EXACTLY does that mean?

No Drop means, at the end of your long energized experience you won’t come crashing down
like a burning building leaving you with a headache. Big7 Extended Energy delivers a
smooth let-down to help unwind your day, ready to enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

Investors: A�Big7 Energy is seeking investors to assist in national expansion.

For more info call Mr. Checkout 800-367-0076 and mention Big 7 Extended Energy. A�You can also email
[email protected]