Beer Frost

About Beer Frost

Beer Frost is now ready to introduce a revolutionary and environmentally safe product, made of all natural minerals, that when added to ice can drop temperatures by 22 °F in one minute and reach temperatures as low as -10 °F in less than 3 minutes. This allows the consumer to purchase warm beer, soda, or water and still arrive at their destination with an ice cold product.

Beer Frost comes in 5 oz. packets. That is enough to chill 20 lbs. of ice. With Beer Frost, you can achieve the coldest beer-without a cord. Beer Frost can achieve temperatures that will chill your beer down to 24-28 °F. Ice alone cannot chill your beer to this temperature. When you buy beer from a store, or get it from a refrigerator, your beer is around 36-45 °F. That’s not cold beer, “It’s not cold until its Beer Frost cold.”

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Randy Beeman
[email protected]