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Veteran beauty brands and luxury products remain on the minds of consumers in economically challenging times, according to a poll reported by Harris Interactive. Therefore, regardless of financial constraints, the maintenance of beauty, is a priority in the minds of many consumers, causing wholesale distribution of beauty products and accessories to be on the rise.

The desire to feel good is often associated with one’s desire to appear attractive, financially set, and happy. It is common for female consumers to purchase hair, nail and skin products with the purpose of enhancing, or maintaining their perceptions of beauty, which are directly associated with their perceptions of self-worth. Similarly, it is common for men to rent, lease or purchase cars, gadgets, and accessories that they believe will make them feel and appear physically attractive, stable, and accomplished, to potential mates, competitors, and even critics – again, all in response to a desire to feel a certain sense of self-worth. These strong desires that are driven, influenced, and encouraged by the media, will ensure that wholesale distribution of trusted brand-names, and even the next-best beauty trend, is in high demand.

Contributing to the steady demand for beauty products, and accessories, is the steady increase of access, and exposure, to popular culture through shared media outlets, such as YouTube, Vimeo and various blog channels. This access to everyday consumers, has enabled beauty brands to tap into what their consumers really care about and desire. The huge influx of increased attention to ethnic cultural beauty trends, and the demand for natural and organic beauty products from wholesale distributors, has surged due to the growing access, and therefore, fascination, with the natural, Afro-textured, kinky, curly hair movement, which has prompted companies like Proctor & Gamble to respond with beauty products such as shampoos and conditioners to cash-in on the high-need for natural hair beauty products among the Afro-textured, kinky, curly haired demographic. This includes consumers concerned with maintaining the beauty of this uniquely textured hair, or consumers connected to these individuals, which can include beauty stylists, image consultants, hairdressers, spouses, family members and friends. It’s hard for wholesale distributors to ignore the growing demand for beauty products aimed at this market, considering the lucrative benefits of being apart of this growing appreciation and celebration for the beauty, and health conscious-inspired, natural hair movement.

The desire for beauty, appears to remain stagnant regardless of economic times. Beauty, specifically, sexual appeal, sells products and services such as; cars, jewelry, video games, and a laundry list of accessories to male and female consumers every minute, of everyday. Increased exposure to popular culture through media outlets will ensure that the most current beauty trends are in demand through wholesale distributors.

Written by Tavia Record

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!