AZZURX™ 100% Natural OTC Coldsore/ Herpes Treatment

AZZURX™ is 100% NATURAL OTC coldsore/ herpes treatment. AZZURX is a topical Medicine designed for people diagnosed with either HSV1 or HSV2. It’s powerful all botanical antiviral formula STOPS outbreaks at first tingle [before they start.] and shortens active outbreaks & promotes healing. AZZURX works when nothing else does. Easy to use individual applicators are sterile and guarantee the delivery of maximum strength formula, while preventing spreading the outbreak. AZZURX™ was designed for people who have tried everything else without success.

  • STOPS outbreaks before they erupt 
  • SHORTENS active outbreaks 
  • Soothes & promotes healing
  • YES it works for either HSV1 or 2
  • Easy to use individual applicators

AZZURX is a homeopathic drug. Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, FDA does not evaluate the remedies for safety or effectiveness. The FDA does not approve homeopathic drugs. AZZURX Is manufactured and packaged by BOTANICX AG in the USA in FDA registered and licensed drug facilities in conformance with Section 510 of the Act and 21 CFR 207 in accordance with current good manufacturing practices, Section 501(a)(2)(B) of the Act and 21 CFR 211.

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