AmmoCamo© is the SAFETY brand of camouflage. We represent the sportsmen of America by expressing PASSION for the outdoors. We promote and exemplify proper gun care, gun handling and gun safety through the use of ammunition in our camouflage patterns. The unique patterns we create are made entirely of images of ammunition supporting your right to WEAR ARMS while maintaining your right to BEAR ‘EM!

In keeping with our commitment to safety and passion and protecting a legacy for future generations, we are currently forging supportive relationships with IHEA (International Hunters Education Association), NRA (National Rifle Association), NSCA (National Sporting Clay Association) and State Wildlife and Fisheries Agencies.

We currently offer a wide variety of brand products including shirts, hats and decals. Our AmmoCamo© Brand Camouflage apparel will be available in the Summer of 2013. Please visit our website for more information or our Facebook Page .