Amcom Distributing Co. and its family of subsidiaries is collectively owned under the running title of AMCON. Like any other distributing company they are mainly engaged in the wholesale distribution of consumer products. Being names the 9th largest convenience store distributor in the United States in 2012, Amcom Distributing has been steadily growing in size and becoming a serious competitor within its market.

They distribute products that include, Tobacco products, candy, confectionary, beverages, foodservice, groceries, paper products, automotive and health and beauty care products. With a heavy focus on its establishment in the health food sector, Amcom Distributing also operates 15 retail health food stores locating in Florida and the Midwest.

Amcom still remains relatively small in size when compared to other Distribution companies. Amcom only supplies approximately 5,000 outlets in the central, rocky mountain and south regions of the United States. However, with over 14,000 consumer products available, there is a great amount of room for an increase in prospective clients.

Amcom is very involved in the health food sector and following is some more detailed information on the subject.


Health Food Distribution

Amcom is different from many other distributing companies because it takes a particular focus on the health food market.  They operate under two subsidiary names; Chamberlin’s Market & Café and Akins Natural Foods Market. Through these they control 32,000 different national and regionally based private label products.

They have the rights to products that include high-quality natural, organic and specialty foods. These all fall under a few common categories; produce, baked goods, frozen foods, nutritional supplements, personal care items and general merchandise.

Overall, Amcom is more corporate-influenced in their distribution method in comparison to the list of family owned businesses that flood the top ten list of distributors. As well, without adequate information indicating otherwise, the health food focus of Amcom is a unique niche to focus on that many other distributors have yet to go into due to their focus on timely and easily storable food products. Meaning that this store may not have the variety you are wanting out of a distributor to provide on-sight stands and customer support programs, but that is exchanged for their ability to supply health-food. Therefore, if you are in the right market, this may be the niche that you need help hitting and if so Amcom is the perfect distributor for you.


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