When it comes to Alliance’s oversized rubber bands, bigger is better. These heavy duty rubber bands are great for any big job at home, school or the workplace. Our most popular rubber bands, they cover a multitude of uses and are limited only by your needs and imagination.

Big Bands
00700 – Big Bands, 12/Pack
These bands are ideal for organizing everything at home, at school or in the workplace.
• Microwave & freezer safe • Holds rolled sleeping bags snugly • Use as a bookmark • Holds plastic wrap to food • Holds surfaces together for gluing • Holds file folders & printed materials • Keeps trash can liners in place • Neatly bundles cords • Holds chip bags closed to keep fresh • Secures game boxes, holiday decor, etc.

SuperSize Bands™
08994 – 12″ Red, 18/Pack
08995 – 17″ Blue, 12/Pack
08997 – Asst 8 each 12″, 14″ and 17″, 24/Pack
A super-sized job calls for a super-sized band. These 12” red, 14” green, and 17”x 1/4” blue bands come in a resealable poly bag and are recommended for:
• Holding 44 gallon cans (12” & 14”) & 55 gallon drum liners (17” only) • Securing protective coverings around sub-assembled or finished goods • Furniture covers
• Bundling carpets, mats and packages • Holding odd sizes and shapes • Keeping containers tightly closed when not in use • Holding carton flaps open for picking and packing • Holding breakables gently, without crushing • Holding glued parts together until set during manufacture • Keeping loads in place for transit and storage

 07810 – Can Bandz™, 4oz. Bag
Can Bandz™ deliver convenience and strength. They allow heavy users to get more trash into every bag and reduce waste. They fit any shape or size container up to 32 gallon and are ideal for other big jobs.
• Highly stretchable • Dependable strength • Great for multiple size wastebaskets • Reusable • Helps maintain clean garbage can • Ideal for kitchen & bathroom
• Ideal for garage or workspace

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