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Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution has been around since 1910. For years, they have been providing a means for all their customers to save money on products ranging from candy to health and beauty products. By offering an extensive online shopping experience, Allen Brother provides the general public with a means to get ahold of deeply discounted items in a wholesale quantity.

Still owned by the same family, they are now in their third generation of ownership. Their headquarters is located in northeast Philadelphia. Encompassing six acres, their headquarters includes a corporate office as well as a fully refrigerated storage facility. They also have their frozen food facility in the same complex.

From this location, they service all of Pennsylvaniaa��s 18 counties alongside 5 of the neighboring states. They are able to do this in a timely manner through their fleet of 25 trucks total.

The provide products that fit the categories of; candy, gum, mints, paper products, groceries, snacks, automotive supplies and health and beauty supplies.A� With these products they are able to create a 99.9% fill rate. This means they have the best possible optimization when its comes to filling your shelves with products, alongside their ability to create the best possibly profit increases for each of their customers.

Offering support services via the internet,fax,phone call, electronic order or an in-store salesmen they try to make all of their services easily accessible. Following is a list of the business departments in which they offer support;


Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution has a long list of the most popular brands with which they can help their customers to fill every inch of their shelves with the most desirable products to their clientele. Their wholesalers and manufacturers programs helps to combine the buying power of 21 different distributors across America. This makes them able to provide and even more extensive system that include a wide range of products.

Through this they service are able to provide to over 1500 convenience stores with 80% of them being completely independent.


Food Services

To accompany their extensive list of products through their WAM program, Allen brothers has an equally as convenient foodservice program. By utilizing this program their customers will be able to provide hot and ready food to each one of their customers while maintaining a standard of service. The categories in which they provide food service are; hot beverages, cold beverages, roller grills, sandwiches (hot & cold), Ice cream, water ice, pizza and pastries.


Allen Brother Wholesale Distributors
120 W. Erie Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19140
Phone: 1-800-207-2553 Fax: 215-739-5394
Email: [email protected]