Absonutrix Nutritional Supplements

We have a wide array of nutritional supplements, beauty, foods and sports drinks and nutrition. We have over 100 products that we sell Internationally. We manufacture in our own plants and we currently make products for other brands that are in the stores. Our brand has been selling online for the last five years and we have some of the top sellers online. All of our products are manufactured 100% in the USA..

About Absonutrix

Absonutrix is a supplier of health and nutritional supplements for men and women interested in benefitting from the latest advancements in nutrition without sacrificing quality and performance.

Absonutrix is a headquartered in North Carolina, U.S. Absonutrix was formed in response to a glaring void in the nutritional and health products market. Every product we sell is manufactured entirely within the U.S. Our suppliers must meet our exacting demands for quality before we use their raw materials in the products we make.

We are dedicated to providing products manufactured from the finest ingredients, never using inferior, cheap, or second-rate suppliers. If you are someone who cares about what you put into your body and are diligent when it comes to ensuring you take only the proper nutritional components, then the Absonutrix family of products is for you.


The Absonutix distribution network is a vital piece of our success. If you are in the health-products market, including mail-order, brick-and-mortar or a combination, and you have an interest in offering your customers products of the highest quality and competitive prices, please contact our Distribution coordinator at [email protected] or call us on 1-855-3-NUTRIX (688749)

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