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A�A�“Your line has been a great addition to my line of products and helps me get closer to being the one stop distributor my customers are looking for.” – Rich Lenahan, Impact Distributors LLC

How to Sell More UV3 Sunglasses in August, September and October a��and through the Winter
Even in the fall and winter seasons our eyes need to be protected from the suna��s harmful UV rays. Actually driving or doing any outdoor activity in the winter & fall can expose you to more dangerous glare from the sun then in the summer.

In those months the sun rises and sets at peak travel periods during the early morning and afternoon rush hours. We all have experienced times driving to or from work and find that we are temporarily blinded as we drive directly into the glare of the sun. Early morning frost and snow can also worsen this, by giving the same glare effect as sand on a beach. Since snow is by far one of the worst surfaces that reflect the suna��s rays, wearing sunglasses is a must. Snow can raise the amount of UV and blue light rays that you are exposed to by up to 85%. Compared to the 20% water gives and the 10% sand gives, it is obvious how dangerous the combination of snow fall and the sun can be.
Hot off the presses today. We are discontinuing our iZone Silver Sunglass Line. With this decision we will be offering the iZone Silver to Mr. Checkout Distributors for $1.25 each or $15 dz. (Originally $2.00 ea and $24.00 dz). We have 35 great styles in the iZone Silver line and minimum case pack per style is 12 pieces.

Act now and order! There are great margins in this deal for you and your stores. Stock up while supplies last at this bargain price and sell your sunglasses all year round even through the Winter!

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Testimonial from Mr. Checkout Distributors…

Dear Joe,

I was introduced to the UV3 sunglass line by your business development manager Gustavo Fayad. I had seen this line at rest stops and travel centers all over the east coast and was extremely excited to have the opportunity to carry your line.

I was very pleased to see that you had gotten together with Mr. Checkout to place your line in my stores. I received my shipment and was very impressed with the quality of the product. The different designs that came with the shipment were sleek, stylish and covered both male and female customers. Along with the high quality of the frames and the lens shades, they felt good, I mean really good. They had a comfortable fit and are lightweight. The pricing was a little higher than some of the glasses my customers were selling but at $12.99 or 2 for $20.00 the quality certainly justified the price.

As I brought the product into my customers and explained the features and benefits of the product my customers were more than happy to give the product a chance. On follow-up visits to my customers I heard things like a�?I thought they wouldna��t sella�? and a�?You sold more glasses off your rack than I sold of the cheap glassesa�?. They were very happy to have a product that actually sold in this economy and were excited that they took the product to give it a try. We discussed reloading the displays and the feedback was great. All my customers were happy to agree to reload. Your line has been a great addition to my line of products and helps me get closer to being the one stop distributor my customers are looking for.

Thanks for the great support and the product knowledge you have given my company.

Rich Lenahan
Impact Distributors LLC


Hello Joe.

Thank you for your resent visit to Ohio and meeting with me and introducing me to your line of uv3 sunglasses. I had placed 15 displays out for your company thru the Blitz program. I was concerned the price was on the high side for my customer base. Well, after three weeks I can see that is not an issue. They are selling as good or better then my lower priced glasses.

The quality and selection you have to offer is excellent. The quality of these sunglasses is one of the big selling points, they fit and look good. When you have a Quality produce at an affordable price it will sell.

Again thank you for your time and information.

Al Thompson , AB Enterprise