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Stacker 2 Xtra Energy Shot 2oz

Dollar Store Best Seller!

Stacker 2 – 6 Hour Power (Sugar Free) Overview

You see them everywhere you go. Power shot drinks like the Stacker 2 6 Hour shot and 5 Hour Chaser drinks have exploded in popularity and are quickly making all other energy products obsolete.

With 6 Hour shots, you don’t have to force down a 12 oz cartooned can of energy drink. You don’t wait around for tablets or capsules to kick in, either. You want something strong, that kicks in quickly, and predictably. That’s just what users love about Stacker 2 6 Hour Power. 6 Hour Power is a concentrated liquid shot of energy factors like B vitamins, amino acids and some caffeine. Slam a 6 Hour shot and the energizing effects kick in quickly and last a long time. Stacker 2 – 6 Hour drinks are small, discrete, easy-to-use and incredibly versatile. Use Stacker 2 to replace your morning coffee ritual. 6 Hour Power shots are also perfect for a mid-afternoon energy boost at the office, or after work so you’ll have some energy to work out after dinner. Great for travelers trying to combat the effects of jet lag, moving day, or any other time you need a big energy boost. You’ll find that 6 Hour shots work better and more predictably than capsule or tablet energy products, and don’t set you up for the energy crash you get from sugary, poorly-formulated energy drinks.