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Marketing & Public Relations Services

Mr. Checkout will design assist and implement a national marketing and public relations plan with your company or brand. in the following areas:

National Marketing and Promotional Strategy:

  • Assist in establishing a successful product launch in the United States
  • Establish the brands of your company or brandA� then increase brand awareness and PR
  • Support the sales team and strategies for your company or brand
  • Create local, national and international visibility through PR and media
  • Assist with existing and create new marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Acquisition of testimonials with a�?regulara�? people, executives, and/or celebrities. Photos and interviews for promotional and marketing efforts
  • Capture the events for posting in the events section on the your company or brandA� web site
  • Selection of and attendance at various industry trade shows i.e. The Natural Products Expoa��s (East and West), beverage shows, the convenience store shows and others
  • Create/produce a sales/promo DVD reel
  • Create new sales aids including PowerPoint presentations and media kits to be used as mailers and leave behinds
  • Brand building campaigns on industry related television, radio and print media through the production and placement of commercials
  • Digital marketing campaigns to establish a successful internet presence including ecommerce, email campaigns, blogging, web site ranking and positioning, and optimizing search engine presence
  • Production of National television and radio commercials
  • Supervise and plan the media buys
  • Street Teams promoting the brand in various cities across the country
  • Coordinate promotional efforts with National Blitz campaigns

Establish a successful product launch in the United States:

With over a decade of success in the nutrition/supplement/beverage and entertainment
industry, Mr. Checkout and our associates in conjunction with your company or
brand will implement various strategies that will create a successful product
launch for your company or brand in the United States. We currently work with
all forms of local and national PR and media outlets. Through our contacts over
the years, we are able to garner PR in every major city in the country. We will
get your brand advertised on national radio and television shows based on a
pre-planned budget. We will write and distribute national press releases and
media alerts. We will create a powerful presentation for the retailers to
secure retail shelf space and move product to the public.

Increase brand awareness and PR:

Establishing and following a proven brand building strategy we will increase the visibility
and in turn sales of your company or brand domestically. Crawl, walk, and then
run. Starting with advertising in select markets we will test market various
strategies and hone down what works and what doesna��t work. We will look at all
the trade publications, retail publications, consumer ads, retailer programs
and select what will be best for the brand.

Assist with existing marketing and advertising campaign:

We will work closely with your team by adding to your existing advertising and
marketing campaigns.A�A�No team?A�A�We will co-create them with your executives.

With 30+ years of writing copy, producing radio and television commercials and media
buying, we will assist with bringing your ad campaign to the next level in 2010
and 2011. We will work together in the selection of and attendance at various
industry trade shows such as The Natural Products Expoa��s (East and West), the
drug store shows, the convenience store shows and others.

Acquisition of testimonials:

Part of building any brand to the success that your company or brand will experience
is to capitalize on the use of the brand by consumers and celebrities. When we
are at events with celebrities we will make sure that we get photos (and video
footage when possible) of them with the product or in front of the display.
Getting quotes and testimonies is essential. All testimonies will have signed
releases. Your company or brand will own the use of footage and statements. If
the customer, an executive or celebrity has a website, we can create a link to
your company or brand site.

Event Marketing:

Event marketing is a phenomenal way of building brands both nationally and
internationally. Event activation can range in size depending on the budget.
Events include racing sponsorships at NASCAR, INDY CAR, NHRA, X Games, fashion
shows, tennis, volleyball and many more. We will capture all the events on both
film and still photography and will create a special section on your company or
brand web site to post all of our events.

Media and Press Kits:

We will work closely with your art and graphic department to refine and build your
media and sales kits and presentations both electronically and hard copy. This
is essential for setting up events, getting great press and building the brand.
As we move forward we will continue to update the kit with news clippings,
interviews, press releases, sales information, and PowerPoint presentations
DVDa��s etc.

Digital Media Marketing and Blogging:

Mr. Checkout will help create an on line presence by using the marketing assets we create in our marketing initiatives and create excitement in the digital world.A� We cover both editorial websites who will sample your company or brandA� and review the products as well as attacking blogs by having our bloggers rave about the effects of your company or brandA� and how the products has been incorporated into their lifestyles.A� This also generates that a�?buzza�? which will create an amazing opportunity for on line press and millions of impressions being generated to drive traffic. Our campaign will serve to reinforce our message and increase awareness. We target national trendsetting publications and blogs that appeal to the targeted demographic. We have compiled a database of over two million consumers through various promotions, contests, and campaigns that is unmatched in its value.

For more info on marketing and PR services, call Bob 561-367-0076.