Product Name  – 3D Dimensional Hologram Cases

Company Name  – Brand Names Wholesaler

Product Description

We BNW wholesalers importers and designing manufacturers of 3D cell phone cases.

We BNW specialize in 3D Hologramic,  flipping moving images on unique cases only for Apple IPHONE 4-5 and Samsung Galaxy 3-4-5 cell phones.

BNW founded in 2013 after long market research.

BNW wholesale manufactures first step in 3D Hologramic arena.  We are in research of high quality and fashionable products all the time.

Our product is comes with 5 different styles.  Leather case like booklet, Hard case, Stand case made of quality rubber, Swarovski with special diamonds and TPU made of quality rubber for all the high smart cell phones in our list.

Our Product is a new Brand Name comes with presentable Gift box and BNW logo and UPC code.

This product has many pictures and designs for adults and kids who use the Apple- Iphone 4-5 and the Samsung -Galaxy 3-4-5 phones.

Contact Information

Contact Name  – Joe Beyhan

Contact Website

Contact Phone Number  – 954-448-4501

Contact Email  – [email protected]