3 Hour Power – 2 in 1 Pocket Charger

the charger guys

Product Description:  

The 2 in 1 Pocket Charger works with both Android and iPhone devices. We have developed a custom 2 in 1 charging tip that has combined the output for Android and iPhone charging. Plug the charger in one way to charge an iPhone or flip it over to charge an Android.

– 1250 mAh (boost your battery 30% – 60% depending how active you are on it while charging).
– Rechargeable, 100 – 200 recharges
– MSRP: $9.99USD
– Wholesale: $4.94USD (prices can come down for full concept placement and to accomodate various distribution models)

Currently being rolled-out as a check-out counter item with 7-Eleven USA. Additionally, several professional sport teams sell these through concession stands.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Michael Eacrett
The Charger Guys Inc.
45 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario M2N5N1
Phone 647-983-5991
Email [email protected]
Website http://www.thechargerguys.com