2tbottles2T WaterA� – Refreshing, Pure and Quality Taste

No more purified tap water in a bottle! 2T Water has finally delivered quality affordable bottled water that has the East Coast buzzing! 2T has no additives, no demineralization, no after taste and the best part ita��s sourced from the Ouachita National Forest every time! Unlike most bottled water companies that use multiple sources to collect water of low quality 2T Water is the premium natural spring water with TDS level under 140 mg/l. While others bottled waters sacrifice quality for volume 2T endorses quality and ita��s evident in its crisp, pure, and light taste. Find out what ‘true water’ tastes like!

More and more people are getting serious about improving their health and increasing their intake for proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet. It is a proven fact that by drinking the proper amounts of water every day will hydrate the body, flush away toxins, increase weight loss, and improve skin cells. There are several waters on the market that claim to provide many different benefits to the body however many are still loaded with other artificial ingredients that defeats the purpose of all natural. 2T Water has no additives and keeps its natural spring minerals to replenish cells during the hydration process.


2T Water – Premium Spring water beverage with no chemical or additives
a�? 453 ml bottles (15.5 fl. oz.) are made with 30% less plastic – now more environmentally friendly
a�? 24 bottles per case
a�? New Custom bottle shape
a�? POS Marketing Materials Provided

Tiered pricing for selected Distributors only: contact A�[email protected]
Suggested Retail Price (per bottle) $1.00 a�� $1.32

For information on 2T Water DistributionA�Contact:

Eric Wells,A�2T Water, LLC ,A�290 Evergreen Circle, A�Gilberts, IL 60136

Ph: A�866-351-3845 ext. 4001A� A� email:A�[email protected]A� A� A�A�website: A�http://www.2twater.com/

Our Story

2T WaterA� was established in Jan 2012. It is a limited liability company based out of Gilberts, IL that manufactures and distributes premium water beverages. Founder Eric Wells started distributing the companya��s bottled water to independent retailers in the Rome, GA area as a test market in his home town. Due to the positive embracment of the product he decided to focus on getting the bottled water 2tgirl2into major chain retail stores. He hired an outside company to assist with recruiting other distribution channels. By the fall of 2012 the company gained notoriety in key markets. Erica��s partner and long time friend Nakia Russell was in charge of the marketing strategy for the company.

The duo decided to embark on the beverage industry to change the health choices of the younger generation. Erica��s father passed away at the age of 54 years old due to poor eating and drinking habits. This fueled his passion even more to promote healthy living through beverage consumption. He once used a generic bottled water to promote a business venture in 2011, which give him the idea to distribute his own brand of premium water. He reached out to several aquifer companies and sampled waters until he was satisfied with the quality. He wanted a water that was premium in taste with no additives. Once a reliable source was identified he branded the companya��s first product as 2T H2O WaterA�. No Additives ? No Demineralization ? No After Taste

The team admits they knew very little about the beverage industry and quickly realized how difficult it was for new brands to enter the market. However they also knew that the product was different than most brands using the purified a�?reverse osmosisa�? process because of the water’s originating source. Consumers immediately noticed the difference in 2T H2O Watera��s refreshing, pure, and quality taste versus other brands which help differentiate the product.



For information on 2T Water DistributionA�Contact:

Eric Wells,A�2T Water, LLC ,A�290 Evergreen Circle, A�Gilberts, IL 60136

Ph: A�866-351-3845 ext. 4001 A�email: [email protected]A� A� A�A�website: A�http://www.2twater.com/